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Eastern Shore Treasure Club

ESTC News & Events

21 Members present with 1 guest attending our May meeting.

Auction: Gayle reported the club made $364.00 on the annual auction.

Banquet: Will be held on June 8th, which is the 2nd Thursday. No meeting will be held on the 1st Thursday (June 1st).
    Social Hour - 6:00PM to 7:00PM
    Dinner - 7:00PM
    Menu - Prime rib, seafood newburg, green bean casserole, potato, rolls, fruit and cheese tray, dessert, coffee and of course Larry's Famous Punch
    Cost - $17.00 per person. Please send your money to Gayle Wilcox by May 30th.

Nominations are to be held in June. Motion was made by Bill Campbell to retain same officers, seconded by Jerry Boston.

President advised club we are going to purchase 3" patches with out logo, each club member will receive one free. Additional purchase may be purchased for $1.79. T-shirts are still available for anyone interested in them. See John or Angela Meyer.

Club is going to prepare packets with information on metal detecting, address sheet, calendar, etc. to give when a person joins our club.

At July or August meeting, Marty will give an overview on the competition table as well as the "Penny-to-$1".

Club is going to do a find of the month. At year's end, a vote will be taken for find of the year.

The monthly auction brought in $20.00. The club is looking for additional auction items worth at least $5.00 for future auctions. The item does not need to be metal detecting related.

May Winners:
    50-50 Raffle - Nancy Jelich
    Silver Round - Phillip McCutcheon
    Prez's Prize - Phillip McCutcheon

Upcoming Events:
    Next Meeting - June 8th, 2006
    Banquet - June 8, 2006
    Mars Hunt - October 7th, 2006
    Tickets go on sale for jug in June

Stevensville, Maryland